Art Camps Registrations Page

Our Summer Camp season runs from June 7th to September 3rd.

Morning Camp is from 9:00am – 1:00pm includes lunch and is $85. Afternoon Camp is from 1:30pm – 5:00pm and is $50. We offer a 10% discount for the second (and third) sibling(s) attending the same camp.

Our afternoon camps are a slightly shorter version of our morning camps, the main theme project is the same but table projects change to offer variety to campers that are here all day. Instead of lunch we provide a light snack.

We also offer extended hours at $15.50/hr per child, please contact the studio to arrange for extended hours.

For additional information or if you have any questions please call or text us at 310-889-8598.

Daily Art Zone Fun:

In addition to the weekly themes listed below, every day at Art Zone West LA is filled with endless creativity and fun including the Clay Table, Easel Painting, Spray Bottle Painting, Goop Table, Dress Up & Water Room. Throughout the summer we also offer our favorite projects such as “Magic Heart Painting, collage finger-painting, wood collage, card collage, beading, Shrinky Dinks, face painting, clay treasure boxes, and coil pots.

This week kids will play with the colors and ideas of art pieces as they are introduced to the artists behind their work. Projects include items inspired by the following pieces of work: Moon Ship adaptation by Terry Frost; Totems by Barbara Hepworth, Color Play by Kandinsky, Rectangles of Justice by Mark Bradford and Friday T-shirts inspired by Alma Thomas’ Rainbow Circles.

Calling all kids who love clay! This week we are devoting a whole week to clay, endless clay all week long allows kids to invent their own clay art houses, bowls, cupcakes & more! Instructed earthen clay projects include: lizards hiding on leaf, jeweled peace sign, pop art pizza, sharp teeth sharks & clay pie ala mode. 

This week we honor Mother Earths’ heroes working on climate justice and make beautiful art using recycled materials. Projects include: earth circles, cactus sculpture (Veronika Richterova); 3-D recycled collage and a turtle sculpture. On Friday we shout justice to the world by decorating used T-shirts with messages from climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Join us as we combine two of our favorite things: glitter and cats! We will get creative with glitter while we honor our feline friends. Projects include: cat charm Shrinky-Dinks, glitter birthday cat watercolor, glitter kitten & paws collage with paper and acrylic on canvas, glitter clay kitten sculpture, and Pop Art cats with glitter.

This week we explore exciting ideas about how we can promote peace, love and happiness. Projects including: neon chalks, street art, neon L-O-V-E canvas, “Magic” neon hearts & peace signs, fluorescent watercolor resist groovy peace sign and neon tie-dye t-shirt on Friday

We will explore the many different ways you can sculpt, paint, collage or draw a robot! We tinker with a variety of materials this week and support kids to invent their own robot art. A different science project offered each day invites kids to experiment and invent. Projects include: liquid potions, Alka-Seltzer powered robots or rockets, balloon power robot cars and robot polishing foam and more.

This week we focus on the beauty of using black and white to create drama and contrast. Projects including, Orca portrait, spring abstracts, Dalmatian puppies, ceramic tile mosaics, and Friday’s T-shirt – White and Gray paint on a Black T-shirt.

Our Beautiful ocean, desert and mountain creatures provide inspiration for this week’s art, each beloved creature has an important message for us to hear. Projects include: Mexico’s desert iguanas, deep ocean octopus’ portrait, Amazon rainforest tree frog, Australian rescued koalas and New Mexico’s hidden critters in the sandy desert landscape. 

Summer inspires us to look to the sea for our art activities this week: Projects include: coral reef multimedia collage, sea turtles sculpted out of clay, bold sea creature tentacle painting, manta ray portraits, zebra seahorse mixed media on canvas.

 This week we use our imaginations to create art that is out of this world! Projects include: groovy planet collage, UFO clay sculpture, monster portraits, alien Pop Art inspired by Andy Warhol, and scientist’s specimen drawing.