Summer Art Camps Registration Page

Morning Camp is from 9:00am – 1:00pm and is $90 each day.

Afternoon Camp is from 2:00pm – 5:00pm and is $60 each day.

We offer a 10% discount for the second (and third) sibling(s) attending the same camp.

We also offer extended hours at $15.50/hr per child, please contact the studio to arrange for extended hours. Extended care must be reserved in advance to ensure proper staffing.

For additional information or if you have any questions please call or text us at 310-889-8598.

Daily Art Zone Fun:

In addition to daily themes, every day at Art Zone West LA is filled with endless creativity and fun including the Clay Table, Easel Painting, Spray Bottle Painting, Goop Table, Dress Up & Water Room. Throughout the summer we also offer our favorite projects such as “Magic Heart Painting, collage finger-painting, wood collage, card collage, beading, Shrinky Dinks, face painting, clay treasure boxes, and coil pots.

Rainbow Art & Tie Dye Experiments: 

This week the sky’s the limit when it comes to colors as we look at all the colors of the rainbow. Main projects include: Tie Dye Tote Bags, Rainbow Cat Family, Ice Cream Sundae w/ Rainbow Sprinkles, Rainbow Cake, Tie Dye T-shirts.

Abstract Masters ~ Art Zone Signature Camp: 

We will learn about some great masters this week and explore some of their art work. Main projects include: Rainbow Circles by Alma Thomas, Yellow & Blue inspired by Sir Terry Frost, Stanley Whitney’s Colorful Squares, Fabric Color Splashes inspired by Sam Gilliam


This week our inner artist and inner superhero combine to make fantastic art!

Main projects include Super Masks & Emblem Making, Superhero Automobiles, Super Sidekick Animal Sculptures, Superhero Cape iron-ons, Super Tie Dye t-shirts.

Sculp, Build, Shape & Mold:

We explore art in all ways 3 dimensional as we create projects that are anything but flat.

Main projects include:Treasure Box slab construction, Totems, Oldenburg inspired Clay Cheeseburgers, Fabric & Plaster Hearts, Clay Puppy Sculpture.

Robots & Tinkering:

We explore robots in all shapes and sizes as we create them in a variety of different materials and tinker along the way. Main projects include: Robot Collage Canvas, Bottle Rocket Ships, Clay Robots, Shrinky Dink Robot Keychains, Golden Robo-Puppy Sculptures.

Glitter Week 2: Sparkly Foods & Treats ~ Art Zone Signature Camp:

This week is too sweet to eat, we have fun with tasty foods made extra fun with glitter. Main projects include: Glitter Watermelon Canvas, Sparkle Cake Drawing, Pizza w/ Extra Glitter Toppings, Shimmering Pineapple Painting, Glitter Glazed Donuts.

Aquarium & Marine Life:

We dive deep into art this week with our under the sea theme. Main projects include: Seal Sculpture, Axolotl Portraits, Mosaic Sea Turtles, Puffy Crocodiles, Mixed Media Aquarium Painting.

Los Angeles Flora & Fauna:

This week we use the plants and animals around us for inspiration for our art.

Main projects include: Gecko Paintings, Clay Pots for Succulents, Cityscape Mixed Media w/ a Raccoon Surprise, Coyote Portraits, Opossum Sculptures.

Art Takes Flight: 

The sky’s the limit this week as our art projects fly and soar.

Main projects include: Cardboard Pigeons, Peacock Mixed Media, Owl Drawing, Macaw Master Watercolor, Puffy Flamingos.

Peace Week ~ Art Zone Signature:

Before we say goodbye for the summer we take time to focus on love and peace. Main projects include Earth Circles, Cactus Sculpture, 3-D Recycled collage, Turtle Sculpture, tie dye  T-shirts.