Art Camps Registration Page

Camp is from 9:00am – 1:00pm and is $100 each day.

We offer a 10% discount for the second (and third) sibling(s) attending the same camp.

We offer a 10% discount for a full week of camp.

We also offer extended hours until 4:00pm daily at $15.50/hr per child, please contact the studio to arrange for extended hours. Extended care MUST be reserved in advance to ensure proper staffing.

For additional information or if you have any questions please call or text us at 310-889-8598.

Daily Art Zone Fun:

In addition to daily themes, every day at Art Zone West LA is filled with endless creativity and fun including the Clay Table, Easel Painting, Spray Bottle Painting, Goop Table, Dress Up & Water Room. Throughout the summer we also offer our favorite projects such as “Magic Heart Painting, collage finger-painting, wood collage, card collage, beading, Shrinky Dinks, face painting, clay treasure boxes, and coil pots.

Art Zone’s Classics: 

Quintessential summer camp projects open our camp with a bang. projects include: macrame hangings & coil pots, rainbow sand painting, gods eye yarn weaving, painting birdhouses & Glitter & Jeweled volcano with lava flow.

Mud Buddies:

This week we are devoting the whole week to clay! Projects include: clay robots, fire breathing dragons, clay house construction, hamburger sculptures & banana splits.

Print Studio:

Art Zone is a printer’s paradise with brayers, stencils and high quality printing inks. Printing projects include: monoprint art cards, styrofoam prints, monoprints on Bristol board & t-shirt prints.

Peace, Love & Canvas:

We send your kids home with exciting ideas of how they can promote peace, love and happiness in the world. Projects include: color pop peace sign canvas, mixed media L-O-V-E canvas & groovy flower canvas.

High Contrast Design:

High contrast design focuses on the beauty of using black and white to create drama. Projects include: owl portrait in ink, mixed media B&W collage, inked tiled abstracts & night sky landscape.

Ocean Art Camp:

Summer inspires us to look to the sea for our art activities this week. Projects include: mermaid canvas collage, too many magic jellyfish, clay shark in a paper mache ocean, giant octopus painting, ocean fish prints & stamping projects.

Glitter Camp:

Glitter art making is on every table all week long. Projects include glitter donuts & cupcakes, polk-a-dot glitter collage, glitter race car painting, hand-build glitter treasure box, & iron glitter t-shirts.

 Puppy in the window:

Your kids won’t part with the adorable puppy art they bring home this week. Projects include: party puppy & blue dog painting inspired by George Rodrigue.

Mudbugs & Art Bugs:

Nature’s precious insects inspire our art making this week. Projects include: painting art bugs in an art garden, a masterpiece art beetle watercolor, art lady bug using blending chalks & bug stamps on a t-shirt.

Magical Mosaics:

This week kids will create art mosaics using ooey-gooey-goop to piece together their magical masterpieces. Each day new materials are explored including jewel pieces, glass beads, tiny toys, sand & more.