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Peace, Love & Canvas:

We focus on the ideas of peace and love and how each of us can promote happiness in the world. Projects include: Color Pop Peace Sign Canvas, Mixed media L-O-V-E Canvas, Groovy Flower Canvas, and Friday: bring a 100% cotton T-shirt to Tie Dye.

Color Splash Week: 

We celebrate joyful vibrant colorful art making this week.Projects include: Four Color Texture Collage, Balloon Dip Color Painting, Rainbow Zebra Portrait, and Nine Squares of Circles & Color (inspired by the work of Kandinsky).

Glitter Week Art Camp:

Kids have unlimited access to Art Zone glitter all week long – a new project each day including: Glitter Robots, Glitter Splash: inspired by Jackson Pollock, Glitter Insects/Flowers, Glitter Textile Design and Glitter Architecture Towers.

Love & Friendship Tie Dye Week: No camp on 7/4

This is what summer camp is all about, making friends and making art! Projects include: Clay Peace Sign, Friendship Collage, Love Magnets, and Friday: bring a 100% cotton T-shirt to Tie Dye.

Did You Say “Photo Booth”? Week

Yes! Art Zone transforms the studio into a themed “photo-opp” with fun and funky props guaranteed to make you smile. Kids make their own props to take home each day. Themes include: Day at the Beach, Summer Woodland Creatures, Super Hero, Alice & Mad Hatter, and Race Car Day. Friday: Silly T-shirt Day

Animal House Art Camp

Our favorite animals are the sweet subject of art making this week with projects including: Clay Birds and Birdhouse, Puppy Portrait Canvas, Kittens in a Garden Canvas Collage, and Rainbow Horse Canvas. More animal projects at all the tables all week long.

Ocean Art Camp

Summer inspires us to look to the sea for our art activities this week. Projects include: Mermaid Canvas Collage, Too Many Magic Jellyfish, Clay Shark in a Paper Mache Ocean, Giant Octopus Painting, Ocean Fish Prints, and stamping projects.

Glitter Camp II Art Camp

Because we can never have only one week of glitter camp, our second week continues the glitter art fun! Projects include Hero Crowns & Capes, Clay Butterfly Sculpture, and an Outrageous Glitter Wedding Cake Painting.

Magical Mosaics Art Camp

This week kids will create art mosaics using ooey-gooey-goop to piece together their magical masterpieces. Each day new materials are explored including jewel pieces, glass beads, tiny toys, sand and more.

SuperHero Week Art Camp

This week Art Zone brings nonviolent multicultural superheroes to life as we imagine a world of peace & love for all. Projects include: Drawn SuperHeroes, Write a Superhero Story, Design a SuperHero Cape, Invent Power Symbols, and Friday: bring a 100% cotton T-shirt to Tie Dye.

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Please call or text us at 310-889-8598 to register over the phone.

Our Summer Camp season runs from June 7th to September 3rd.

We offer a Morning Camp from 9:00am – 1:00pm including lunch & an Afternoon Camp from 1:30pm – 5:00pm.

We also offer extended hours for our morning camp with advance reservations. Extended hours end at 5:00pm.

Morning Camp is $85 and Afternoon Camp is $50. Extended hours are $15.50/hr per child.

You can choose to come for one morning, every morning and afternoon or any combination, we allow for complete flexibility.

Please call us for more information about our camp programs or with any questions you may have.