Veteran’s Day Peace Camp

Celebrate peace, love and music on Veteran’s day at our signature peace camp.  Drop kids off ages 3 and up. Kids paint and decorate clay peace signs and we make wishes for peace in our homes, our communities and our world. Music, Dancing, Play and more. A fun and peace making day will be enjoyed by… Continue reading Veteran’s Day Peace Camp

Week 11 – Aug 27 to Aug 31: Ocean Art Camp

Summer inspires us to look to the sea for our art activities this week. Projects include: mermaid Canvas Collage, Too Many Magic Jellyfish (18×24” painting), Clay Shark in a Paper Mache Ocean, Giant Octopus Painting (18×24”), plus ocean fish prints, stamping projects and ocean water colors all week long. Friday: Tie Dye T-Shirts

Week 7 – Jul 30 to Aug 3: Story of Eric Carle

Join us for a week of stories & art-making inspired by Eric Carle: Very Hungry Caterpillar Canvas Collage, Head to Toe Gorilla Collage, Very Busy Spider Yarn Painting, House for Hermit Crab Tissue Collage and Brown Bear Paper Collage. Projects this week created with mixed media collage on a stretched canvas.

Week 6 – Jul 23 to Jul 27: Tinker Paradise

Oh! What a week we have for your favorite inventor: Non-Motorized Marker Robot, True-Magic Wire & Magic Wands, Wed.- Wood Building, Thurs.- Glitter & Jewel Volcano, Fri.- Tie-Dye T-Shirts. All week, every day kids experiment with potion making & kitchen science. When did science get this fun?! Friday: T-Shirt

Week 4 – Jul 9 to Jul 13: Animal House Art Camp

Our favorite animals are the sweet subject of art making this week with projects including: Clay Bird and Birdhouse, Puppy Portrait Canvas, Kittens in a Garden Canvas Collage, and Rainbow Horse Canvas. More animal projects at all the tables all week long.