Intelligent Creative Learning

Your child will have access to endless hands – on
creative play in our magical playroom, water room,
and unique studio environment where their abundant
curiosity becomes the fuel for learning art, science,
math, literature, and social skills.
Your child will learn complex thinking & creative think-
ing—Fun tinkering and engaging science activities
will fuel your child’s unique creative brain. S T E A M
curriculum incorporates hands-on Science, Technol-
ogy, Engineering, Art and Math activities for optimal
learning and development.
Spanish Language songs & stories will support your
child’s cultural competence and build upon anti-bias
Founded by Laura Krug, MA, an exceptional human-
istic early childhood educator dedicated to offering
top-notch early childhood education that is diverse,
accessible, affordable and hassle-free.

Available Monday to Thursday
9:00am to 12:30pm
Ages: 21⁄2 to 5

Hassle-Free Registration:
Choose from One, Two & Three day options
1 day / week: $240 per month
2 days / week: $460 per month
3 days / week: $660 per month
4 days / week: $800 per month
Siblings 10% discount

Visitor $63 / day
Extended hour available $12.50

For the care & comfort of your child
• Bring sack lunch from home
• We change diapers and support toilet learning.
Please bring diapers & wipes
• Cuddle objects welcome as needed
• Low Ratio (6 to 1 max, 4 to 1 is typical)
• Small Class Size (approx. 18 kids)
• Loving and respectful separation process helps
your child become a successful and
independent learner